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YTA Board Meetings

  • Yavapai Title building, 1235 E. Gurley (Sheldon and Gurley), 3 p.m.  
  • First Thursday each month.  Meeting dates may change with holidays.

Next or Sample YTA Agenda 

3:00PM, Thursday, September 6, 2018
Yavapai Title Building, 1235 E. Gurley

3:00 PM Call to order and Welcome to guests - Accept minutes from July 19, YTA meeting
- Treasurers report (Jim Pessin). Acceptance of ACF $3000 ‘bonus’ funds into the YTA General Fund.
Acceptance of $500 Ron Smith memorial donation from Ed Parry. Purchase of a bench and memorial plaque honoring Ron Smith. Review/modify wording on Ron’s plaque, Select location of Ron’s memorial bench. Discussion of Grants awarded and opportunities. Determine if Judie should be on YTA Wells Fargo checking account for backup purposes. YTA membership fees and brochure.
- Call to meeting attendees to consider becoming a YTA Board member. Actions as appropriate.
- Website and Facebook status report – Steve Finucane and Judie Hale
- Signage standardization update (Morgan Sign has PNF and City versions) Draft logo for the Greater Prescott Area Trails – Stephan and Chris Hosking
- The Prescott’s ACF Aug 10 awards ceremony. ACF Sedona awards ceremony Sep 20.
- Trails Construction Projects (*Current construction or soon to start)
o * Dells 160 acres recent Open Space purchase (1mile left and 5 ¼ miles completed) Installed 2 benches with plaques recognizing Open Space Alliance (1992-2018) and Over the Hill Gang.
o Mall to Circle Trail requires State Land easement (Mall recently sold to NY buyer)
o Glassford Hill Prescott/PV connections. Application in process. Awarded by AZ State Parks construction grant for 81K (Joint State Land application w/PV)
o * Pioneer Park – TBD – details for additional venue/event miles north of Pioneer Parkway
o To Chino from Peavine Trestle east along Granite Creek. Routing established. N. Peavine parking area has pay kiosk and now City vs County parcel Peavine 89A culvert electric not replaced yet. Willow Lake/Embry Riddle box culvert lighting also no longer activated.
o PV – TBD single track within Fain Park. Routings planned E. park plus Stoneridge.
o * VA/YC new trails and connections. Closed 2017 grant. Purchased culverts and gates.
o * Spence Basin/Iron Springs – 2 years 28-32 miles. Construction underway over 80%
o Storm Ranch off PLP roundabout. Final Plat approved by Council with trail intentions. Chris defining routing, parking, and connectivity. Modifications being made to reduce infrastructure.
o Deep Well Ranch, The Dells, AZ ECO, etc. open space/trails strategies and processes. Antelope Crossing renamed to Saddlewood at Deep Well Ranch (20-30 already sold).
o *Road east of Phippen being extended to Peavine will have Granite Creek low water crossing.
o City Trails web now has on-line form to report trail problems for repair (
o *Recent storm damage is widespread on trails. Please inspect and report.
- Planning – Gary Worob. October Sun Corridor Trail meeting Oct 31 – Chris Hosking’s route alternatives

Adjourn. Next Meeting 3 PM Thursday October 4, 2018 Yavapai Title

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New 6/30/18: For the last year, Greg has been working with the City of Prescott to document the birth of a trail. This documentary-style video shows the process involved in creating a trail from planning to enjoyment.


The spring 2018 Yavapai Trails Association newsletter is on the City website at and Also on the new City Website in the Trails section is a selection where a trail maintenance problem can be reported. These notifications will route the message to the responsible jurisdiction, regardless of the location.

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Trail repairs from the 2018 monsoon flooding!

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