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YTA Board Meetings

  • Yavapai Title building, 1235 E. Gurley (Sheldon and Gurley), 3 p.m.  
  • First Thursday each month.  Meeting dates may change with holidays.
  • Next Meeting 3 PM, Thursday April 4 Yavapai Title.
  • Whiskey Basin PCT and Dells Runs, Saturday April 13.
  • Upcoming Sun Corridor Trail meeting postponed.  
  • Earth Day and Wildland Fire Expo, 9-3 Saturday April 20. (YTA info table at Run and Earth Day)

Next or Sample YTA Agenda 

Regular Meeting Agenda

3:00PM, Thursday, March 7, 2019

       Yavapai Title Building, 1235 E. Gurley 

3:00 PM Call to order and Welcome to guests – Review/clarify agenda  - Accept minutes from February 7, 2019 YTA meeting

  -Treasurers report. Upcoming Grant applications status.
  -Review and Distribute new 2019  Membership Brochure. Winter/Spring Newsletter – It is time to publish Newsletter before Earth Day, April 20.
  -Movie Night Fundraiser. March 7. Judie 
  -Circle Challenge project – Ann
  -Report on CPR/First Aid Training, Backpack Supplies status - Judie
  -OHG Volunteer sign in sheet implementation, YTA support of OHG, work notices, future sponsorships, etc. – Ann
  -Signage standardization status. Standard ready to implement and need boots on ground. ECOSA trail and interpretive signs status and possible YTA/OHG involvement.
  -Prescott National Forest private property/HOA gates policy to PNF and possible YTA   recommendations for access for trail maintenance, firewise, and emergencies. Forest Service firewise guidelines adjacent to residences. Government shutdown delayed the discussions.
  -Trails Construction Projects - short term priorities. Completion of the Storm Trails in the Dells – near completion, Pioneer Park event venue expansion trails, VA loop trail resolving archaeological issue, Spence Basin/PNF trails completion, Constellation Trails E. to Walden Farms, across Granite Creek, to Centerpointe E., to Peavine Trail connection, Greenways trails upgrades along Granite Creek in planning.
  -State Land Leases status. Chino/Peavine Extension State Land, Mall Connector to Prescott Circle Trail, Lease of connection to Glassford Hill, future Sun Corridor and Black Canyon Trail connectors. State Land dialog needs Phoenix trip to expedite.
  -Attendee/Public comments and discussion
  -Future Backlog projects. – Will report at YTA meetings when changes are identified.



Other Important Upcoming Meetings or Events


New 6/30/18: For the last year, Greg has been working with the City of Prescott to document the birth of a trail. This documentary-style video shows the process involved in creating a trail from planning to enjoyment.


The spring 2018 Yavapai Trails Association newsletter is on the City website at and Also on the new City Website in the Trails section is a selection where a trail maintenance problem can be reported. These notifications will route the message to the responsible jurisdiction, regardless of the location.

Upcoming Events: 

Trail repairs from the 2018 monsoon flooding!

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